About Frog Stitch Studio

Frog Stitch Studio is a place to learn and share in the joy of sewing. 

Hi there. My name is Donna Gennick. I'm a life-long needle-arts enthusiast and the proprietor of  Frog Stitch Studio. Sewing is my passion. It's what I do to relax. It's what I do to unleash my creativity. And I like nothing better than to share and teach what I've learned.

Why Frog Stitch Studio? The name comes from the term frog stitching to refer to the task of picking out an incorrectly sewn seam. ("RIP-IT! RIP-IT!" Get it?) At Frog Stitch Studio, mistakes are no problem! They are just part of the learning process, and EVERYONE, regardless of sewing experience, does the frog stitch sometimes.  At Frog Stitch Studio, we help you correct the problem, whatever it is, and move on.

We're located near Au Train Lake where we share space with Whispering Pines Quilt Shop. Find us about two miles south of Au Train on Forest Lake Road. We're just a hair north of the bend in the road at the northwest corner of the lake.